New Zelda Game Coming to Smartphones

In the wake of the colossal successes of Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, Nintendo is reportedly planning to bring Zelda to smartphones.

While it is still only a rumor (as reported by unnamed sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal), the news comes as less than surprising considering Zelda is one of the Nintendo’s most popular game franchises, one that has only seen its

Pirates of the Internet: Blackbeard Meets Blackmail

Earlier last week, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that hackers reached out to the company with a threat to release one of Disney’s upcoming tentpole blockbusters if the company did not pay a ransom. While Iger didn’t reveal the name of the film himself, he did say the company had no plans to pay the sum during Disney’s cooperation with federal investigators to identify the cause

Google Improves Search Algorithm to Eliminate Fake News

Harkening back to the election in November, Google has been burdened with the existence and spreading of “fake news” (or opinion-based content masquerading as fact) filtering through and, in some cases, registering at the top of the company’s search engine results.

However, Google made their first major steps to address these issues last week by launching a new project

Amazon Launches Exclusive Social Media Influencer

If you weren’t paying close attention over the weekend, you might have missed Amazon’s newest marketing venture

It’s not uncommon to see a host or actor in a Youtube video advertise a product to its audience, either for free merchandise or financial compensation from the company, and it appears that Amazon is implementing a similar advertising strategy.

Instagram Stories Reportedly More Popular Than Snapchat

Instagram Stories Reportedly More Popular Than Snapchat

What started six years ago as a profitless photo sharing app, Snapchat is now a publicly traded IPO currently valued at nearly $25 billion, higher than household-name companies like Viacom and American Airlines. But while Snapchat’s historic ascension has taken the social media scene by storm, another company looks to c

Elon Musk is “Boring” Los Angeles for a Better Future

Elon Musk’s desire to leave Earth’s surface became even more evident following his TED Talk last week as Musk unveiled his newest plans to tackle Los Angeles’s famous traffic epidemic.

In an announcement that keeps in line with his vision for a grandiose future, Musk says that he is currently attempting to dig a network of tunnels underneath Los Angeles to create an integr

Elon Musk and Tesla Want to Power Your Home

Between Tesla’s market-dominating electric vehicles and SpaceX wanting to send members of the public into space for colonization, Elon Musk has been in the news at an astounding rate. And with the slew of announcements waiting on the horizon, it doesn’t appear as if that trend will change anytime soon.

Following last year’s announcement to bring new solar power techno

Nintendo’s Plan Following Shortage of Switch Console

If you’re one of the countless people who unsuccessfully tried to buy a Nintendo Switch upon its release this month, you’re likely wondering where and when you can finally get one. Following outcries of unfulfilled gamers, Nintendo has recently announced it would double the production of the Switch in 2017, but when will the consoles hit the shelves?

Launched in Europe and the

How We Do It

Appeni specialized in a variety of digital services that can be used to propel and prepare any business to a higher level of consumer consciousness. Dealing with the market challenges of digital marketing and web development can be increasing challenging for businesses today, so we look to be the barrier that stops people from feeling overwhelmed or like they need to struggle to make the most o

App Development for Assured Success

Imagine a day without your phone or internet? The world has become digitalized! Each one of us is constantly surrounded by and dependent upon a number of gadgets and appliances for the simplest to the most complex tasks. Smart phones, laptops, iPads, tabs and other similar smart gadgets are viewed as necessities and not luxuries! The world has become a smaller place, and the digital platform ha

Black Friday online sales to hit a record-breaking $3 billion, over $1 billion from mobile

Black Friday online shopping is continuing to grow, and this Friday was another record-breaking day. According to a new report out this evening from Adobe, which has been tracking e-commerce transactions throughout the sales holiday, Black Friday is on track to set a new record by surpassing the $3 billion mark for the first time. It’s also expected to become the first day in U.S. retail

Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America

Quitting Twitter is easy — I’ve done it a hundred times. Someone called it “a clown car that drove into a gold mine,” and like all clown cars, Twitter makes the passengers get out once in awhile.

If I go back, it’s because I’m addicted. The tight news cycle, tweetstorms, gossip mongers, insight, argument, factoids, snark and one-liners. For an information junkie, that little

Understanding the Evolving World of Marketing

As you know more and more websites come out on google every day. According to Alexa there are aproximatly 280,000,000 websites online. This is a scarry number if you think about how many alexa might not know about. 

Alexa is an online statistics, and demographics analytics company that reports data on websites they visit. This is very important because search engines like Google, Yahoo

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Does your operating model successfully execute your company’s long-term plans? Do you need to integrate and manage your processes more on a regional or global scale? Litova Systems can help by making recommendations on organization and process changes that will increase business effectiveness, reduce costs and with the end result of increase revenue and a positive status of your co

Marketing and Advertising Done Right

Today’s world is filled with an over abundance of information. This is a very social age and businesses are in a constant battle for the attention of the public. In the chaos of gaining attention it is easy to separates strategic creative from the brand communications that bombard us everyday.



What Are Buyer Personas

With marketing, many businesses say they target "anyone interested in my services." Some companies target specific groups of people. Targeting generally specific people gets most companies nowhere. At the same time nobody can afford to target everyone at once. When it comes to the cost of marketing and advertising small businesses cannot effectively compete with larger companies by p

What Marketing Means for Business

Marketing is at a very exciting time for businesses right now. Many of the techniques people have been using for years are going out of style. Although some old firms are struggling to get by, newer and smaller marketing teams are cropping up and doing a better job than the big guys. Businesses looking to get an edge in their field can do so for a lot less than previously possible, i

Is Local Listing Management Really Worth It

With advances in technology, advertising has changed drastically in a matter of a few years. Less than two decades ago, improving business’ local presence meant advertising in newspapers, billboards and other physical medium. Once personal computers became affordable for many households, things started to change. But now, the game is completely different.


The reason? Mobile

Age Old Marketing Techniques for a New Era

Although marketing is always changing in new and interesting ways, the basic principals are always the same. The way we apply these facts have changed a great deal, but the theory remains the same. We live in a time of great technological innovation, but it seems like everywhere I look, people forget the number one rule of marketing: know your audience.


A few of you are rolli

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With over 15 years of experience with search engines, and reputation, Litova Systems has seen amazing changes and growth in the industry. As these changes and growth expands, the industry has to expand as well. Our goal is to keep track of all activity and relationships to build the online and tangible reputation of our clients.