In the wake of the colossal successes of Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, Nintendo is reportedly planning to bring Zelda to smartphones.

While it is still only a rumor (as reported by unnamed sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal), the news comes as less than surprising considering Zelda is one of the Nintendo’s most popular game franchises, one that has only seen its popularity grow thanks to the recent triumph of the best-selling and widely celebrated Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch.

A source close the the situation claims that the Zelda mobile game is one of two new games Nintendo is developing with its mobile games partner, DeNa. Since their partnership announced in 2015, the duo has released Miitomo, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run with plans of also developing an Animal Crossing game for release later this year (although the same source believes it’s possible the release dates can abruptly change). Nintendo has promised, though, that the two games would be new adventures designed specifically for smartphones instead of just creating direct ports of past games.

What gamers can expect from the gameplay is another question mark. While Zelda games are usually about vast exploration through multiple different landscapes with various enemies, the mobile game is less likely to involve such a sprawling map and gameplay mechanics.

For example, Mario games are generally textbook platformers that take place in a fully-realized 3D worlds, but with Super Mario Run designed for mobile phones with much less capability of a home console, the gameplay needed to be reduced to a simple 1-button game that makes for an easier on-the-go gaming experience. The same type of gameplay for a Zelda game is unlikely, but it would be unrealistic to expect a full Zelda game along the lines of Breath of the Wild or Ocarina of Time.

And with Nintendo and DeNA’s previous three releases incorporating an always-online requirement (meaning you need to be connected to Nintendo’s network in order to play), Nintendo has received a lot of feedback asking for a change that could allow people to play any time and has appeared seemingly open to the possibility. How that would affect the game’s initial download cost or inclusion of advertisement remains to be seen, but one wonders how Nintendo plans to profit off the game without it affecting actual gameplay.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the Zelda rumor, but with E3 (LA’s Electronic Entertainment Expo) coming up in just a couple weeks, it’s likely the company will announce either one or both games for their potential release at the end of 2017 or early 2018. Super Mario Run was announced just 3 months before its release, so we may just have to wait in the highest tower of Hyrule Castle for another beacon from the higher-ups at Nintendo regarding more news as to when we can expect another chapter in Link’s adventures.